Music Stopper release

Tadeas Kriz July 21, 2014

Another simple yet useful application from Brightify is on the Play Store. It does what the name says— it stops your music after a specified amount of time. This is especially useful when you like to lose yourself in your favorite songs, but at the same time you don’t want to play the music any longer than needed.

Actual generic parameters of a Class in runtime

Tadeas Kriz April 11, 2014

Yesterday I was working on dynamic mapping of marshallers to their marshalled type. The way I’ve done it was having an interface Marshaller with generic parameter <T>. Then I was using Reflections to get all classes that implements this interface. Then I needed to get the actual type of <T> which is a problem if there is for example an abstract class that is the base for all marshallers. So if you have the following setup, it’s not as easy as just calling `ParameterizedType#getActualTypeArguments()”.

DevConf 2014

Tadeas Kriz March 31, 2014

It’s been a while since I had a presentation on DevConf 2014 in Brno and so I decided it’s finally time to write something about it. The event was three days long and even though I’ve been there only the first day, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve attended two talks and one workshop. The first talk I’ve attended has been on web application development using Web Components by Lukas Fryc. Although I’m not really a web developer anymore and I went there only to broaden my knowledge, I liked the talk and didn’t really get much confused by all the code in the slides. After that I went to Thermostat workshop by Severin Gehwolf, again mostly just out of curiosity. Unfortunately I didn’t get to find a free spot by a computer, so I was only listening. The last talk was on REST APIs and how to report errors in processing requests by Ivan Necas. All those talks I’ve attended were great and I just wish I had the time to attend more talks on Saturday and Sunday.

AutoAmplifier release

Tadeas Kriz March 27, 2014

We have just released a small application called AutoAmplifier. Its main goal is to adjust your music volume based on surrounding noises. That way when you, for example, decide to leave a library and get on a train, you won’t need to reach out for your phone to increase the volume, AutoAmplifier will do that for you.

First alpha of Torch released!

Tadeas Kriz December 6, 2013

I’m very proud to announce, that our Android ORM library Torch has just reached the state, in which I consider it featureful enough to be released. In the upcoming weeks and possibly months, I’ll be focusing on polishing the API, extending SPI, implementing missing features, like relations between entities or better column filters, but mostly on documenting the library.

Great expectations lead to great disappointment

Tadeas Kriz October 25, 2013

That’s right, I had great expectations, which were not fulfilled and I’m not impressed. I’m talking about the latest update of Apple’s operating system OS X.

The new Torch!

Tadeas Kriz October 17, 2013

When I thought that Torch is almost ready for our internal projects to use, a new idea came from my coworker Karel Piwko. Basically, right now, Torch was working with reflection to store and load entities. The problem with reflection is its performance overhead, causing that Torch was slower ten times than using just plain SQL commands and create the models yourself. But not anymore! I’ve started working on annotation processor, that will go through all your entities, and generate metadata, which will be static and thus significantly faster.

The first usable version of Torch

Tadeas Kriz October 14, 2013

This weekend was hectic, but I’ve finally managed to get Torch into usable form. It doesn’t have a way to delete entities from database and there is no documentation yet. Also there are just a few tests written, but more will come in the upcoming two weeks.

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